Amit and Kirti two childhood friends. Once sitting in a park discussing something. Suddenly they noticed a father and his son doing something. Father was asking son to play around and rather the son was not finding any excitement to play self. Now the father asked son to do some planting after removing a stone lying at far side of the garden. Son went and tried remove the stone but it was bigger than his capacity and hence he was not able to remove. He was disgusted and approached his father. Father told his son that he only needs to do it of his own and he can ask for any help. Son again tried and failed. Now he was upset and went to his father and told no dad, I can’t make it. No help received from anyone. Father told you have not asked help from me, your father, I would have helped you. Son replied, you are my father it’s your job to help me.

IS that so? Are we alone in this world and we need to solve our problems? Kirti asked Amit with utter surprise. Then why these relationships, why relatives, why parents, why friends and why others? Amit was also perplexed and trying to find out how to combat two surprises, one is the father to son and another was Kirti’s questions. He somehow settled himself and replied, Kirti let us start from our childhood. Only we were asked to take food but ultimately we need to use your hand to get the food eaten. Now we need to get the food for ourselves and also we need to use our finger to eat it. It is always self who used to perform. The relations can tell us fastest route of accomplishment but we need to accomplish of our own.

Everyone’s problem is different, everyone’s thought to resolve problem is also different. You understand your problem or misery well since you are only dealing with the same, but no one can understand the depth of this. Every solution is an approach, and each approach is different. Hence one canthink on different angles and resolve problem.

Solution or approach towards solution will only come up with knowledge. How you see the problem. A person goes for Ayurveda treatment for a disease where in other can adopt allopathic. It’s all about perspective of one individual.

Kriti is still surprised, grieved but again asked, who will make us learn the solution approach. Only experience will help us?? We need to deal with this to solve this or rather to learn how to solve. During school/college days, we face issues but after revealing the issues to parents, everyone will have different approach. But we have seen who all are very truthful to parents gets out the issue very fast, wherein those who conceals, faces the worst consequences tremendously. It’s the experience of parents help us resolve this quickly.

The habit of recording solutions since childhood will make us learn thousands of problems and their solutions. Thus create a habit of recording, create a habit of practicing.

Relatives, parents and near ones are just to make you happy when you are in pain, but you can only feel your pain and you only has to get out. Someone’s medicine will not impact your disease.