Suddenly one day Amit came and asked, Rupak we are the one who needs to always learn all good and other. All motivation inspiration rituals are made for us only?

Amit, a friend of mine, surprisingly asked!! Why me? Why the middle class to go through everything. Are we taking any initiative to make rural population learn these? If whole India doesn’t learn how the country will flourish?

Confused community!!! 66% percent is rural population. 31% is Urban population. India trails after 100th rank in per capita income.

Now the world is running through challenges which are of below types which is as per survey of WEF on 26000 millennial of 181 countries

  1. Climate change and destruction of natural resources
  2. Large scale conflicts and war
  3. Religious conflicts
  4. Poverty
  5. Government accountability and transparency and corruption

India ranks 60th out of 148 countries in WEF’s global competitiveness index, showing greater opportunities are still to be unlocked. Now if we see India’s top five challenges

  1. Education and skill. India’s rank in Forum’s Human capital report is 78th of 122 countries.
  2. Urbanization: by 2050, 900 million will be living in urban areas
  3. Health: India tends to lose $6.15 trillion due to non-communicable diseases and mental disorders by 2030
  4. Sanitation: Many health challenges
  5. Gender Biasness

Opportunity vs challenges clearly indicates requirement of right learning across urban and rural population. But today the privilege of learnings to combat challenges are with urban population. All initiatives of lectures, conferences and other seminars are meant for urban population only. Is these the way forward? No I don’t think so. When every one of the mass is educated then only country grows.

Now NGOs to come up and take this challenge. Let’s develop everyone and each of this country. The best way is to develop students and take help of digital platform.

Simple, clear customized learning contents are the demand of future. Let’s join hand and create.

Solutions are coming soon.

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