Learning Gaps can be bridged by Technology

Suddenly one day Amit came and asked, Rupak we are the one who needs to always learn all good and other. All motivation inspiration rituals are made for us only? Amit, a friend of mine, surprisingly asked!! Why me? Why the middle class to go through everything. Are we taking any initiative to make rural population learn these? If whole India doesn’t learn how the country will flourish?

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Owners are only owners. They are necessarily not Leaders

Organisations are having their critical path of success. Owners, whether in a family run business or in large conglomerate happens to be the decision maker and strategy maker and people are forced to accept him as a leader. Institutions are always run successfully with right kind of leadership. But why owners can't introspect and understand [...]

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5 reasons for unsuccessful companies

Today social media and print media is flooded with rules to be successful. But actually how many of the companies or individual become successful. Why the mortality rate is so high since. 1. Fail to assimilate the knowledge: During the course of business all factual knowledge or experiential knowledge gained are not implemented on ground. [...]

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Roadmap vis a vis Roadblock

I should say entrepreneurship is a mindset; mindset of facing challenges. Challenge of so many types. But the mindset of learning, thru challenges and getting into root cause to eradicate challenges, takes a back seat when we progress in business. Starting a new business? A multitude of problems and roadblocks explode to life in a [...]

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