Today social media and print media is flooded with rules to be successful. But actually how many of the companies or individual become successful.
Why the mortality rate is so high since.

1. Fail to assimilate the knowledge:
During the course of business all factual knowledge or experiential knowledge gained are not implemented on ground.

2. Fail to understand talent required for business:
Talent is a recurring pattern of behavior, though and feeling. Every business and result areas requires some talents to make it happen. Today it is not available.

3. Spends time in search of other weaknesses and talent gap:
We always point fingers to others. We think that someone else is responsible for this problem. We lose time to rectify them rather strengthening talent.

4. Forgets to introduce human aspect in business score card:
Business has importance of human, a resource which drives business. But the Score Cards of business fails to incorporate people indices and hence faces intangible challenges.

5. Just do not follow the steps- Plan-Do-Check:
Do check the progress and replan it.